Featured Artist - Cherie Harte


“Finding stillness in an ever-present inner dialogue I record images that recount love and heartache, momentum and restraint, adversity and triumph. My wish is to engage the viewer in contemplation and conversation by delving below the surface into a world wherein both the light and shadow reside.”

Basquiat, Cy Twombly and Picasso have had the most influence on her art practice. From all three she has gained lessons in exploration, vulnerability, resilience and ultimately being okay with the inherent messiness of life.

Intrigued by the evolution of the human spirit, Harte seeks to translate intimate thoughts, moments, and feelings of daily life into art works. Her use of symbolism, as well as hidden and fractured images, draws the viewer into multilayered portals of storytelling. Although at times seemingly raw, Harte challenges the onlooker to lean in and fully immerse one’s self, with an open heart.

“My biggest inspirations and influences currently come from travel and navigating motherhood. Both not only open my heart and imagination but they reframe my way of being in the world. Neither are static and both take me outside of my comfort zone.”

Harte’s work has been celebrated in ads for Saatchi Art and was recently named “Must See Artist” at “The Other Art Fair”, by Rebecca Wilson Chief Curator and Vice President of Art Advisory at Saatchi Art (Los Angeles March 2019). Her work was featured in the 75th anniversary exhibit of Peggy Guggenheim's “31 Women” exhibition, as selected by juror Kate Bryan, head curator of SoHo House International (Sept 2018).

Cherie has exhibited in Canada, the USA, UK and Japan.