Art Busan 2019 - International Art Fair Korea

May 30 - June 2, 2019

Booth E-6


Art Busan 2019

BEXCO Convention Center 1

Come see us at Booth E-6.

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International Art Fair Korea - Featured artists

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The whimsical and compelling sculptures of ROSS BONFANTI conceal innocence beneath their concrete exterior.

JAMES PATERSON builds ambiguous machine-like objects with wires and steel rods.  This artistic process has led to his being branded an “Imagineer” creating structures by twisting wire and welding rods into shapes that become stories that come to life with splashes of colour.

PETER BARELKOWSKI has arrived at an artistic expression that is minimalist and almost naïve with a deceptive visual simplicity. Identifying all his paintings as Untitled, he refuses to guide viewers to his specific narrative.

Set your imagination free and explore the magical world of MARCELO SUAZNABAR’s paintings. The images in Marcelo’s paintings are at the same time whimsical, complex, absurd and surreal.

Also featuring work from artists Eun Hwang Lee, Jinhyoung Son, and Oh Pal Soo.